Massage School

Massage School


Traditional Thai Massage School in Chiang Mai

We provide quality Thai Massage training with highly qualified and motivated teachers.

Sunshine Thai Massage School is gratefully happy to still be open today.

We are, as always, committed to maintaining excellence in teaching Thai Traditional Yoga Massage in the spirit of Asokananda, who translated this Eastern tradition into a holistic format that is understandable for westerners.

Our 10 day beginner's course is one of the best ways to explore and study this Thai traditional healing art.

If you are looking for a strong foundation in Traditional Thai Massage training you have come to the right place.

A new beginner's course starts every Monday of every week, all year long, and runs for 2 weeks.

More about our advanced courses.

A chart of Thai energy lines
A chart of Thai energy lines

The 2 other Sunshine dedicated sites:

>> The Sunshine's Advanced Thai massage site 

A site presenting massage school programs focused on refining your techniques and deepening your massage practice.

>> The Sunshine's Bodyworker's Workshops site 

These workshops are not exactly Thai Traditional Massage, it is why they have their own site. Nonetheless, we believe they are very interesting workshops for bodyworkers, advanced practitioners, and massage therapists.

You might also be interested in our Special Training Packages and custom programs:

Sunshine Massage School

School for Traditional Thai Massage in Chiang Mai, Thailand