Sunshine Massage School

Sunshine Massage School


School of Traditional Thai Massage in Chiang Mai

 We are open! 

For the health of all, we have implemented comprehensive Covid-19 sanitization measures.

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Register for the 2 week course, and bring a friend with you, for free.

We provide quality training with highly qualified and motivated teachers.

Sunshine Massage School is committed to maintaining excellence in teaching Thai Traditional Yoga Massage in the spirit of Asokananda, who translated this Eastern tradition into a holistic format that is understandable for westerners.

If you are looking to gain a foundation in Traditional Thai Massage you have come to the right place

Our 10 day beginner's course is one of the best ways to learn this Thai traditional healing art

A new course starts every Monday of every week, all year long, and runs for 2 weeks.

Traditional Thai Massage Beginner's Course

The Beginner's course

This is the foundation upon which all Thai Massage courses are based, and without a strong foundation it is difficult to progress in this healing art. 

If you have no prior experience of Traditional Thai Massage 

You have found the right place to start along your path. The beginner's course is a strong and rich foundation on which further study can be built. 

If you have studied Thai massage with another school or with another teacher,

You are most welcome. We recommend that you take the course described this page before considering one of our Advanced courses.

Our Massage Teachers and Facilitators

Jivaka Kumar Bhaccha Founder of Thai massage
Jivaka Kumar Bhaccha Founder of Thai massage

Thai massage teachers and facilitators at Sunshine Massage School, Beginner's classes.

We are proud of our teachers and their accomplishments. 

Even though they are teachers they never stop learning and strive to gain more knowledge that they can pass on to their students. Each of our teachers is highly trained and experienced not only in the art of Traditional Thai Massage but also in the art of teaching. They know how to create a friendly and comfortable atmosphere in the class room so that students are given the best environment in which to learn and develop their own skills and practice.

Our teachers also pursue further education classes, so they bring a fresh approach to each class they teach.

Explore Sunshine's websites

Browse this site to learn more about the content of the beginner's course, see some pictures of the school, get to know our different massage teachers. You might also be interested in our Special Training Packages and custom programs.

Gaining a deep understanding of Traditional Thai Massage is a lifetime process.

For the students who have completed the beginner's course, we are also happy to offer:
A chart of Thai energy lines
A chart of Thai energy lines

The 2 other Sunshine dedicated sites:

>> The Sunshine's Advanced Thai massage site 

A site presenting our courses focused on getting more precise with your techniques and also deeper into your massage practice.

>> The Sunshine's Bodyworker's Workshops site 

These workshops are not exactly Thai Traditional Massage, it is why they have their own site. Nonetheless, we believe they are very interesting workshops for bodyworkers, advanced practitioners, and therapists.

You might also be interested in our Special Training Packages and custom programs:

Special Training Packages and custom programs

With these "Combos", It is possible to combine several courses in order to deepen your study of Thai Massage.

Depending on your needs, time available, and goals, we are happy to customize a program for you, based on the beginner's course and our existing scheduled advanced classes

Here bellow you will find our recommended combinations of massage courses. Other combination are also possible. Click here to let us know what you need.

Sunshine Massage School

School for Traditional Thai Massage in Chiang Mai, Thailand