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Can I travel to Thailand?


Thailand has removed most travel restrictions.

As Covid recedes and life returns to normal, Thailand has been easing up the conditions to visit.

What are the requirements to travel to Thailand today

Please confirm with the Thai embassy of your country, but in general:
 • Fully vaccinated arrivals
, those aged 18 years and over will show proofs of their vaccination that occurred at least 14 days before their travel.

 • Unvaccinated or not fully vaccinated arrivals will present negative results of their RT-PCR or professional antigen tests conducted within 72 hours before travel.

What kind of visa do I need?

There are 3 main types of visa suitable to learn Thai massage are:
- Visa on Arrival
- Tourist Visa
- Education 

But presently the STV (Special Tourist Visa) might be the best option, especially if you are planning staying longer.

Please contact your Thai Embassy for most updated information.

How long can I stay in Thailand?

This type of visa is issued to applicants who wish to enter Thailand for tourism purposes. STV visa holders will initially be permitted to stay in Thailand up to 90 days including the quarantine period.
The extension of stay can be requested at the Immigration Bureau in Thailand up to 2 times at the maximum of 90 days per each extension. The maximum stay in total, therefore, shall NOT exceed 270 days including the quarantine period.
The current end date of the STV scheme is 30 September 2022.

Can I get an Education Visa?

It is up to your Thai Embassy to decide what kind of visa they will give you. Our school is recognized by the Thai Ministry of Education and the Thai Ministry of Health and we happily issue supporting documents for your Thailand visa application. Presently, the STV (Special Tourist Visa) might be the better option.

Does the school help with a Thai visa?

Yes, we happily issue supporting documents for your Thailand visa application; just ask your Thai Embassy which documents they require.

Is accommodation included?

No, our school does not offer food and accommodation, but Chiang Mai has a wide range of accommodation, from cheap backpacker hostels to expensive 5-star hotels. The following pages might be of interest to you:


Chiang Mai is not a big city and we recommend that you find a hotel / guesthouse meeting your requirements, rather than one next to the school, simply because you will need transportation anyway: Either to and from the school or in the evening when going out for dinner or to the Night Bazaar. Many of our students rent a bicycle or motorbike, but Tuk-Tuks, Songtheaws, and taxis are also an option.


There are many small restaurants and food-stalls within walking distance of the school, where most of our students go for lunch.