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2024 Reviews

Mauricio Serra Carrilo, July 2024 (Google Review)  ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

❝ Absolutely 💯 good experience here.

This was my first experience learning massage, I took the 60 hrs course and my teacher was Lay. I learned so much and after two weeks I can say with confidence I can give a good Thai massage. Our teacher was amazing with good patience and knowledge. The school is beautiful, clean and well equipped. And the method of studying and practice is very efficient.

Also I stayed in old city and was only like a 30 min walk which I really enjoyed everyday, but you also have ways commute options.

I can say that you will build knowledge, technique and confidence in a 2 week course for a really fair price.

Thanks to everyone in Sunshine school for this lovely experience.❞

– ✄ – ✄ – ✄ – ✄ – ✄ – 

Carlotta P, May 2024 (Google Review)  ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

❝The beginner course exceeded my expectations. Very intensive training in beautiful, clean rooms with great teachers (Susie and Noi) and nice fellow students.❞

(Translated from German by Google)

– ✄ – ✄ – ✄ – ✄ – ✄ – 

MIKI THERAPY, February 2024 (Google Review)  ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

❝ I've been studying it for many years and I highly recommend all of its courses.
It is very easy to understand as it is explained in detail.
The text and explanations are only in English, so I use the translator at full capacity to learn. ❞

(Translated from Japanese by Google)

– ✄ – ✄ – ✄ – ✄ – ✄ – 

Aylin Sosseh, January 2024 (Google Review)  ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

❝ A very professional, well-kept and quiet school. One in which it is fun to learn. The rooms are spacious and beautiful. The green surroundings make you breathe easier in Chiang Mai and I love the peace and quiet at school. A wonderful experience. Thank you for this special school where the soul becomes noticeable. ❞

(Translated from Japanese by Google)

– ✄ – ✄ – ✄ – ✄ – ✄ – 


Anna Betlinska, January 2024, (Google Review) ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

❝ Had my beginner thai massage course. Teachers and group I had were amazing. I was searching carefully for the right school to learn about thai massage and this was exactly what I was looking for. After two weeks I am able to give a massage and learned all the basics skills which I can develop further. Thank you so much and best of luck! 

– ✄ – ✄ – ✄ – ✄ – ✄ – 

2023 Reviews

Sannyel Martisano, November 2023 (Google Review) ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

❝ We did Thai Yoga Massage course for beginners class here and it was fun (prices are reasonably cheap)... Sicha together with Susie are great teachers.

Learning from them was very easy. It was a worth it 2 weeks of learning during our time in Chiang Mai. We'll probably come back to learn more with different courses.

We also did Herbal Treatment & Steam Bath for 6hrs.

The facility is clean and surrounding is quite. Ambiance feels light. ✨️

Highly recommended if you are looking for a massage school or wanting to explore the world of Thai massage. ❞

– ✄ – ✄ – ✄ – ✄ – ✄ – 

Jerome Bautista, August 2023 (Google Review) ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

❝ I can't say enough about this massage school. I came without any knowledge of Thai Yoga Massage and left very confident I can give a quality 2 hour massage!

I am grateful for Ajarn Dot Po who was assigned to our cohort as our teacher. She has the sweetest voice that's so comforting to hear as she led us through our morning chants. She has decades of knowledge, is a natural teacher, is very patient, helpful, and a little mischievous ☺️. The cohort I had was also a good mix of people. The class size was nice as we had 6 people so everyone could pair up and practice.

You get study materials and lots of time to practice what you learn. You are also given the option to come on the weekend to practice and even volunteer to give massage to the community should you pass the beginner's class.

For the price I paid, I feel I got much more than what I expected. I chose this place over others as multiple people I've talked to knew about this place and recommended it. They were right. I too recommend this place if you're interested in learning Thai Yoga Massage. Enjoy! 🙏🏽🤙🏽🪷 ❞

– ✄ – ✄ – ✄ – ✄ – ✄ – 

2007 to 2015 Reviews

Thai Massage and the 5 Bodies 

Course from 26 to 30 Jan. 2015

    • I loved this course. It helped me to grow so much as a human being as well as a therapist. I would and will be recommending this course to everyone. Ralf is an outstanding teacher who embodies Metta and creates a wonderful atmosphere of trust and belonging.
    •  Brings your therapy to a higher and deeper level of awareness. Expanding listening, touch, empathy and feelings.
    •  I loved all the explorature exercises we did. Ralph is an excellent teacher; grounded, attentive, experienced. Any who wants to connect deeper with self or/and others ought to take this course.
    •  I really loved this course. 5 days of reconnecting to our inner world in a space of communication, deep listening, deep attention and understanding.


I think we were very lucky to have such a big group (9 students) and such a good teacher like King. 

Learning process was enough hard (good), interesting and pleasant. All the information is very useful to begin Thai massage. Thank you very much for your work. Hope to meet again all of you!

Olesia Amblard, July 2013 


Sunshine Massage class was very professional and well set up. The class hours were manageable. It felt intense in the beginning and I felt I wouldn’t be able to learn all of the information in just 2 weeks, but in the end it all worked out. Great!

Holly Burlet, July 2013


I first came to Sunshine 2 years ago for the atmosphere felt during the visit of the school. This time I just came back to improve my technique and to see again Dot “master Yoda” Po. And still the same energy and atmosphere. I love it.

See you very soon for this time, advanced course. Thanks for all.

Cedric,  April 2013


just few sentences... want to thank for wonderful 10 days at
Sunshine!!!...  what a beautiful.. radiant school!!!.. i felt very
very good here!!!. i realize that this course was just a tiny first
step on a path of learning and understanding this spiritual healing
art..... but it  got me so very enthusiastic about Thai Massage.. i
want to learn more.... and know that i will come back for more
classes.. at some point in my life.. when i am ready...
thank you thank you!!!!

sending All of You at Sunshine warm greetings and best wishes!!!

Marcin, January 2012


Sunshine Massage School has not only opened my path into the study of Thai Yoga Massage but it has brought a sense of peace to my self and energy that I will forever be thankful for. I feel blessed to have been instructed by the always-friendly Yan and look forward to spreading on some of the knowledge and love I received here. Thank you.

Sophie, October 2011


Sunshine is a well-oiled machine! Very clean and well cared for, with a great atmosphere of focus and community. It’s also easy to be very independent and it’s never “mushy” or touchy-feely. You can get out of this place as much as you are willing to put in. It is a wealth of knowledge.
Thank you!

Ashlynn, Aug. 2011


Training at the Sunshine School provides a solid foundation from which to pursue your future goals. The school offers an array of further tuition to supplement your existing skills.

C. Winstone, Feb. 2011


I rarely give an”Excellent” rating for all aspects of a training that I receive. In this case Om totally & absolutely deserves it. In addition I have to mention also Birgit, who was a fantastic in her teaching as well.

Kailash Lim/26 November 2010


Thanks so much for two inspiring weeks! The approach is very holistic and has a lot of interesting parts from other “disciplines” (like Yoga, Traditional Medicine, Meditation, etc.). So many great insights provided by amazingly friendly and competent staff!

Clemens/ 18 December 2009


I loved the experience! The teacher was very patient with all levels of the students. All of the staff were wonderful.

Gail/11 Sept. 2009


I enjoyed the course, very intensive, now I can relax. Ohm (the teacher) is very knowledgeable.

Birdie/11 Sept. 2009


Hi Max. This is Emi Terada. I just want to inform you that I did receive the hard copy of your accreditation. Thank you for your trouble. I also would like to take this opportunity to express how much I have enjoyed attending Sunshine Massage School. It is such an appropriate name for the school. I would definitely like to return in the near future. You and your staff are magnificent! Thank you for making our experience a delightful one while we were there.

29 July 2009


I would not expect such a good teacher (Dot). A beautiful surprise!

Claudine, 24 July 2009


Sunshine is a great school to study. Located in a quiet soi, surrounded by a lush garden, it is a peaceful place which enhances studying.
The teachers are wonderful and the courses are extremely interesting. I took the foot massage course this time and I am sure that I will make a lot of people very happy with what I learned from Ohm, who is an excellent teacher and a wonderful person to be around with.

Evi Van Meirhaeghe, 23 July 2009


Ohm has a great way of balancing serious teaching and easy laughter that leads to deep learning in an easy manner.

R. Peters, 23 July 2009


The Thai massage course was very informative. We practiced lot and the instructor was very knowledgeable not only about the exercises but also about the theory and effects of the massage. She thoroughly answered my many questions.

Kendra, 17 July 2009


If you feel lost and averwhelmed after Day 2, Relax and trust the process, you'll make it in the end! It takes a lot of practice afterwards to really master it, but the course is very good to get started.

Anne-Claire, 10 July 2009


Really good quality cours and learning!

Sabrina, 10 July 2009


Message: Julie et moi venons tout juste de terminer le stage de formation pour débutants en massage thailandais, avec l'enseignante Puk. Nous repartons en France, la larme à l'oeil.

Nous en ressortons vraiment ravi ! Cela tient d'une part à la qualité de l'accueil et du confort de ce lieu appaisant, mais aussi à la qualité exeptionnelle de l'enseignement proposé avec beaucoup de complaisance par Puk, durant ces 60 heures étallées en 2 semaines.

Merci encore à toute l'équipe, merci Puk, du fond du coeur !
A bientôt j'espère, en France (Toulouse), ou en Thailande... pour de nouvelles aventures !

Paul et Julie (8 September 2007)


Hi Max I had a fantastic time studying at Sunshine & just wanted to say thank you to all of you who made my time there so enjoyable & memorable. A special thank you to my teachers Dot & Suriyan and a big hello to Noot, Peewee & Ohm.

I hope to see you all again soon
With love

Annie, Wed, 25 Apr 2007


Hi Eric,

I wrote you a couple months ago to ask for recommendations for massage schools in Chiang Mai – I just wanted to say thank you SO MUCH. I ended up doing the 2 week beginner course at Sunshine and I couldn’t have been happier than at their school. Thanks so much for the suggestion.

Happy New Year,

Kala Hildebrand, 02 Jan 2007


… I see smiling, friendly, welcoming faces and warm, generous hearts. … The entire staff-from the office general housekeeping, the teachers, …. I see and feel only open hearts, hear only kind loving words, and experience endless Metta from them all….… passion and deep caring for the Thai Yoga Massage being done well, was deeply ingrained in all three instructors. …… my lasting impression of my experience at Sunshine School is a positive, supportive, nourishing Metta-filled adventure in learning. …

26 November 2006 / Roger Peters


I have just spent a month at the Sunshine School . Initially I planned to do the 2 week beginners course and then go on to the advanced course. I completed the 2 week course and after speaking to other more experienced students decided to do it again. If I had the time I would have signed up for a third time. I would urge anyone else to do the same I perfected my technique by doing the course more than once and to be really good you need to get the basics right.

My teacher took me to some traditional Hospitals and I received many Thai massages from really good practitioners and I realised that the Sunshine method is unique with more emphasis placed on stretching and good posture. The classes were small and the teaching was very good. I would recommend students who are serious about learning Thai massage to study at the SunshineSchool .

Trayl Aitken-Cade
London, 26 May 2006


The Sunshine School has an exceptional combination of teachers rich with authentic massage knowledge and an effective pedagogical strategy.  This school also seems to draw more devoted bodyworkers as students, rather than the sometimes unfocused- if fun- backpacker crowd.  The gorgeous facility makes for a very pleasant setting for study.  I spent three months in Chiang Mai studying massage and recommend this course- augmented by receiving massage at the famous Old Medicine Hospital.

Paul Laurey, PhD             Saturday, April 30, 2005


"I have trust and belief in your Massage School.
I am sure all the students will benefit from the classes and pass the word to others of this great opportunity.
Good future.
Nam Myo Ho Renge Kyo"

john & chonticha           Thursday, 3 March 2005


"I hope the school is enormously successful".

Bob Graham                Wed, 8 Dec 2004


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